Chicago | August 3, 2020

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Why Attend the 2020 Cannabis Drinks Expo

Looking to grow your Cannabis Drinks Business? Don’t miss out on the 2020 Cannabis Drinks Expo.


Legalized cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries globally. Business owners are taking a plunge into the CBD industry by either redefining their products or coming up with new innovations. According to Forbes, CBD sales in the US market are expected to cross $20 billion by 2024.

So, if you are thinking to take a plunge in the cannabis industry by launching a CBD infused drinks company or just want to redefine your already existing CBD business - now is the right time to take it to the next step by attending the 2020 Cannabis Drinks Expo.

Recap of 2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo

The trade show floor of the South San Francisco Conference Center was filled with more than 80 exhibitors to grow the bottom line of their cannabis drinks business at the 2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo Conference. Hundreds of more participants attended a dual-track of presentations, talks and panel discussions featuring some of the biggest names in the legalized cannabis world.

Few 2019 CDE Speakers’ Insights

  • Jeff Maser
    Opening the Cannabis Drinks Expo with a presentation, Jeff Maser, President, and CEO of Tinley Beverages discussed the major challenges, and opportunities faced by the participants in the cannabis drinks industry.

  • Bill Silver
    Following Jeff’s keynote allocution, Bill Silver, the CEO of Cannacraft, gave an inspiring introduction to the world of cannabis drinks. In “Grass to Glass: Tapping the Market for Cannabis Beverages,” Silver outlined what is both similar and different to other drinks products, as well as the reasons why cannabis is poised to become an entirely new category of drink with strong momentum for future growth.

2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo - Conference Speakers

Image: 2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo - Conference Speakers

  • Omar Figueroa
    Furthermore, a crucial highlight of the afternoon session of the Cannabis Drinks Expo was a panel discussion modulated by attorney Omar Figueroa. In “Cannabis Regulations Across Boundaries,” the panel discussed the expansion of cannabis drinks products along with the federal laws and regulations. Until every U.S. state legalizes recreational cannabis, any company looking to launch, develop or grow a cannabis drinks product will need to have a very detailed understanding of what is – and what is not – allowed in every single geographic region where they plan to do business.

  • Warren Bobrow
    You can fully leverage your creativity and originality to innovate category-changing products once you have understood the science of cannabis. To educate more about it, world-renowned mixologist Warren Bobrow - also known as the “Cocktail Whisperer,” gave a presentation on cannabis-infused cocktails.

  • Rachel Burkons
    Later that afternoon, Rachel Burkons, Co-Owner of Altered Plate led a panel discussion dedicated to the world of cannabis drinking and dining. According to the panelists, the popular trends within the food and drinks industry could be coming to the cannabis drinks market as well. For example, the “farm-to-table” movement is now giving birth to a similar “crop-to-kitchen cuisine.”

2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo - Expo Floor

Image: 2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo - Expo Floor

As the day came to an end, the hundreds of attendees at the first-ever Cannabis Drinks Expo had a clear idea of how to get started in the world of cannabis or how to improve their bottom line for their already existing cannabis business.

One of the reasons for the participants to attend the CDE conference was to gather the on-going trends in the cannabis world as well as network with the top business owners in the same category. While full-day presentations and sharing of new ideas led to insights and discussions, the trade show floor also provided with networking opportunities and new partnership ideas.

What You Can Expect In The 2020 Cannabis Drinks Expo

After last year's massive success, we are delighted to bring the Cannabis Drinks Expo back to San Francisco (30 July 2020) and for the first time in Chicago (3 August 2020)

While San Francisco will be witnessing the 2nd edition, Chicago will observe its first-ever Cannabis Drinks Expo.

Goal Of 2020 Cannabis Drinks Expo

The 2nd edition of the Cannabis Drinks Expo which will take place in 2020 is going to run along the theme of “Growing Your Cannabis Drinks Business”

The major theme of the 2020 Cannabis Drinks Expo will be on how to grow your Cannabis Drinks Business. So if you’re a brand owner, or a distillery or brewery looking for an on-ramp to the very aggressively growing U.S. cannabis industry, this event will provide the perfect platform for growth. The pre-registration for our annual cannabis conference 2020 is now open with a 2 in 1 Offer.

The goal of the 2020 Cannabis Drinks Expo is to empower attendees with the knowledge, network, and platform - which will help them build and grow their business in the world of cannabis. If you are looking to network and learn more about the cannabis industry - Cannabis Drink Expo will provide you with cannabis brands that are serious about building their distribution, suppliers that are ready to back them and buyers that are ready to tap into the cannabis space.

2020 Cannabis Drinks Expo visitor registration is now open.

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The notable personas of the cannabis drinks industry will be giving insights into the cannabis world along with how to grow your market in the same category in the conference of 2020 Cannabis Drinks Expo.

So, if you are looking forward to learning and network within the Cannabis industry - you ought to attend the CDE Conference.

Speakers For 2020 CDE Conference

  • Michael Christopher
    One of the speakers at the 2020 Cannabis Drinks Expo Conference is going to be Michael Christopher, the Co-Founder & CEO of Mood33. Mood33 is a cannabis-infused sparkling tonics brand based in Santa Monica, California. He will be taking the stage to share his knowledge about the cannabis drinks industry.

  • Josh Lizotte

The reason to attend the CDE conference is to gain in-depth knowledge and viewpoints from the top cannabis industrialists. Another speaker - Josh Lizotte will be taking the stage to speak about the ongoing trends in the cannabis industry. Josh is Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Rebel Coast Winery.

Check out the entire list of speakers for the 2020 CDE conference.

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Want to grow your Cannabis Drinks Business in the US? Then the 2nd edition of the Cannabis Drinks Expo is the place to be in 2020.