Chicago | August 3, 2020

Photo for: BTN Partners With CNBS For Cannabis Events In Summer 2020


BTN Partners With CNBS For Cannabis Events In Summer 2020

CNBS and BTN have joined hands to expand into the Cannabis Industry for BTN’s Cannabis events in summer 2020



The cannabis industry has evolved immensely after Trump signing the 2018 U.S Farm Bill. However, even with the expansion of the industry, there is still a large scope for more businesses to find their way into the canna-verse.

Beverage Trade Network (BTN) has partnered with CNBS for it’s cannabis events (Cannabis Drinks Expo & Cannabis Food Show), which are taking place in the summer of 2020. Cannabis Drinks Expo(CDE) and Cannabis Food Show(CFS) are both B2B events, that offer both expansion and a point of opening in the cannabis industry for brands and entrepreneurs.

CNBS and Beverage Trade Network have joined hands to take the cannabis industry one step ahead. With both their news & media platforms, and BTN’s cannabis events, both CNBS and BTN are set to help businesses and brands unlock new doors and find a place in the world of cannabis.

Both CDE and CFS are expected to attract over 1000 visitors from across the cannabis industry including: dispensaries, cannabis testing labs, venture capitalists, cannabis brands, entrepreneurs and other faces from the cannabis industry. Whether you’re an already established business looking to expand, or a new venture looking to take the first step into the industry, then CNBS and BTN are set to help you power through.

About CNBS

CNBS was established in 2015 as by John White. At the time, White was the only crew member, and was in charge of everything, from website design and social media management, research and writing, resulting in relatively slow pace of progress as quality was very important to him. CNBS didn’t have a lot of web pages back then, but there was a lot of work and effort put into each of them.

In February 2019 White expanded CNBS. CNBS is now one of the largest news platforms in the cannabis industry. Along with updated cannabis news, CNBS also provides solutions and help for those looking to enter the industry. You can also find a list of all cannabis events across the United States on the CNBS website.

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About Cannabis Food Show

Organized by Beverage Trade Network, the Cannabis Food Show will also look at the opportunities for cannabis edibles in the restaurant sector and the emergence of new cannabis-dedicated dining concepts.  It will also look to follow its winning formula of holding both an agenda-setting conference, featuring cannabis experts and leading speakers from across the sector, alongside a trade exhibition featuring the biggest producers, players, and brands in cannabis edibles. Giving distributors and retailers the chance to discover the fastest growing and leading cannabis food brands.

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About Cannabis Drinks Expo

Organized by Beverage Trade Network, the Cannabis Drinks Expo in San Francisco will feature wine and cannabis industry experts, distributors and retailers, as well as political and legal analysts, medical researchers, and marketing & branding experts. They will discuss topics such as the current regulatory and policy landscape for cannabis drinks, licensing requirements, and market opportunities within the hospitality and tourism sectors.

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About Beverage Trade Network

Beverage Trade Network is the world’s leading B2B beverage networking & media platform, creating global platforms & marketplace for the drinks & cannabis industry to learn, network & grow. Along with Cannabis Food Show and Cannabis Drinks Expo, BTN also organizes other tradeshows such as IBWSS China, IBWSS UK, IBWSS San Francisco, and USA Trade Tasting in New York. The platform also shines the light on wines, beers, and spirits, by bringing them in front of trade buyers through their competitions like Sommelier’s Choice Awards, Bartender’s Spirits Awards, London Wine Competition, London Spirits Competition, and London Beer Competition.

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