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A Look Into Mike Tyson’s 420 Acre Cannabis Resort

The undisputed heavyweight champion has been going all-in when it comes to cannabis


Mike Tyson, a cannapreneur who is on the rise of success from his cannabis company Tyson Holistic Holdings, launched in 2016, now plans to expand his empire with opening a (almost) 420 acre resort for the (cannabis) community.

For stoners, 420 is a sacred number. Tyson apparently feels the same way, or it was just a little bit of serendipity, but the plot of land his ranch will reside on spans 418 acres.

“Let's say 420 acres,” Tyson Ranch CEO Robert Hickman said. “Makes it fun.”

At Tyson Ranch which is going to be in California, will include a hotel, spas, lodges, a glamping park, and the world’s longest lazy river snaking its way around the entire park as a means of getting around.

The ambitious plans also contain an events area to host annual marijuana and music festivals, as well as “Tyson University” which the ex-boxer hopes to dedicate to degree-style courses on teaching agriculture to prospective cannabis farmers.

Tyson currently uses the ranch for research into growing and improving cannabis – something he has been taking regularly for the last two decades.

“I’ve been fighting for over 20 years, and my body has a lot of wear and tear,” Tyson recently explained to Cannabis & Tech magazine.

“I had two surgeries and I used marijuana to calm my nerves, and it would take the pain away.”

“But before, they had me on those opiates, and those opiates had me all screwed up.”

One of Tyson’s goals with the resort is to assist people get away from opiate addiction, but first he recognises that many people still see a stigma attached to cannabis and cannabis-derived products.

“Cannabis is the future and eventually everyone is going to have to give in,” he added.

Tyson’s great hopes on helping veterans in cutting off on opioids addiction, “I think they’ve given a lot to our country and we should give some back in return… Especially with all of the addiction that many of them come back with,” wholeheartedly continues Mike Tyson.

Because of this, Tyson Ranch has truly raised the bar very high when it comes to the holistic and futuristic approach to cannabis. Tyson is determined to not only empower but also to employ veterans at Tyson Ranch. Moreover, Tyson and his team will invest in the conduction of further research on the ways cannabis can help veterans returning from deployment.


Tyson Ranch is an ambitious project and bound to become the top marijuana resort destination, united under the motto “Defining premium once and all for all.”

With this in mind, Tyson Ranch, being the latest of Tyson’s ventures, is nothing less but the culmination of Tyson’s cannabis entrepreneurship.

From cannabis research, education, tourism attractions, and a music festival, Tyson Ranch are beautifully all wrapped around the promotion of cannabis related health and wellness.

From hemp infused drinks and packaged top quality weed through cannabis infused topical ointments, Tyson is now confidently walking towards fulfilling his visionary dream of turning Tyson Ranch into a marijuana empire.

I think weed is the miracle drug of the future,” Tyson explains in an interview with TODAY’s reporter Natalie Morales. From managing anger through managing the debilitating social anxiety issues, as well as curing the chronic pain of his former boxing career, few are the ones that have such a rich, first-hand experience with the miraculous healing properties of the herb as Mike Tyson does.


For those who may accuse Mike Tyson of building a marijuana empire just for the sake of earning money, it’s important to keep in mind that Tyson Ranch will partner with local cannabis growers to help them brand, market and sell their products onsite, and no marijuana plants are planned to be cultivated at the Tyson Ranch as of now. This is also a significant step in allowing Tyson Ranch to legally operate at a federal level while simultaneously shedding light on the modern-day cannabis space.“Now, a lot of people do rent land from us and grow their products on it. If they grow it to the proper standards and are licensed properly in the state, we will consider selling them our packaging, which then gives them shelf space,” explains Mike Tyson’s business partner Rob Hickman. “There will be testing in the university. It’s going to be about educating people on the healing benefits, how to grow, and how to be in proper business,” continued Hickman.

The vision of turning Tyson Ranch into a holistic cannabis center of the future no longer seems like a distant dream. Tyson Ranch is set to offer opportunities for the growing yet relatively new industry of cannabis tourism.

Apart from featuring a hotel, Tyson Ranch will provide a luxury camping experience for the visitors. Planning on 200 units, the Tyson Ranch’ visitors will be able to fully submerge into rest and relaxation in a one-of-a-kind cannabis-friendly place.

Additionally, Tyson Ranch will host the Kind Music Festival providing guests with what is described as “the Lollapalooza of Cannabis.”

Mike Tyson’s holistic and futuristic cannabis ‘Tyson Ranch‘extends way beyond health and wellness. Instead, it reaches as far as cannabis education and cannabis tourism, all for the sake of providing the ultimate cannabis friendly experience.

Note: The blog image does not depict the actual property

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