Chicago | August 3, 2020

Chris Cuvelier

Chris Cuvelier is Head of Beverage at Caliva.  Chris started his career focused on beverages, working in the juice and smoothie industry before taking a life-changing trip to Brazil in 2001 where he fell in love with Açaí and was inspired to start Zola.  A few years later, he expanded Zola to include Coconut Water, his favorite hydration drink after a good surf session.  In 2016 Zola was sold to growth investors KarpReilly and Chris stayed on as CEO doubling down on his passion for delicious plant-based drinks.  In late 2018, Caliva's CEO, Dennis O'Malley and Chris were speaking on the same panel at a beverage conference.  Chris had long seen Cannabis as the ultimate plant-based ingredient and began consulting for Caliva soon after meeting Dennis.  Recognizing the opportunity to be a leader in cannabis beverages, Caliva acquired Zola in May 2019 to quickly accelerate Caliva into the cannabis infused beverage category. 


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